Sunday, May 22, 2005

On the road again...

Well, after a nice weekend off we're going back on the road again, this time for quite a while. We're starting in London, getting some publicity photos and other random stuff done, then moving onto the Cornwall area, which sits around the Quebec/Ontario border I believe. It's like an 8 hours drive from London from what I'm told.

We're then in the Cornwall / Southern Quebec area for one week, head back to Toronto for a night, fly out to Winnipeg for two days, then fly back to Toronto for good. Phew.

The movie is evolving as we spend more and more time on it. Aside from are "documentary"techincal skills improving, we've realized a few really important things: Tape is cheap, so always keep the camera rolling. People are much more comfortable talking to you on camera after they know you in person, so it helps to shoot the shit a little before actually sitting them down for an interview. We actually had our first person refuse to sign a release form just the other day, which was really strange considering nothing at all really happened while we were at his farm (He wanted way too much money for his herd, so Benji just looked at them for a few minuets and and left). We weren't going to use that footage anyways, so the joke is on him!

More importantly, all sorts of new sub-plots and stories are developing as we spend more time with Benji. This movie could turn out to be a very interesting character piece if we continue to get the right footage.

In other news a cow just sold for $1.2 million dollars. Personally, I think that is pretty crazy. In fact, I think that is crazy enough that if I go to New York or Los Angeles and interview people on the street about what they think about it, I'll get some pretty funny footage. So that is what I will be doing later on this summer hopefully ;)

Anyways, let's see how these plans change tomorrow -


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