Tuesday, May 24, 2005

3 Hours of sleep never felt so bad

Well, we're now sort of into the thick of things. We've maintained the "Benji" routine of sleeping for 3-4 hours a night and spending the rest of the day working. Today we split away from him for most of the day and toured with his friend "Beaver" - that is a story onto itself.

Last night we had a steak dinner. But it turns out the steak was illegal or something, like some farmer just cut it up in their backyard. I made sure mine was cooked well done.

Benji eats his steak blood red - I mean the inside is still almost frozen sort of deal. He can eat steak like no one else i've met - I think he had three steaks last night. No other veggies or potatos, just three steaks. He washed them down with a Coke Classic, telling us he'd usually do it with some 4% unpasturized milk but our soundman is lactose intollerant.

Tomorrow morning we leave at 4:00 am, which means we wake up at god knows when. I'm too old for this.


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