Saturday, June 04, 2005

Manitoba is one flat place

Just got back from Winnipeg - tired, as usual. I learned on this trip that cows aren't the only animals which can pee and pooh while running around. It turns out Benji can too, as he proved when he chased me for a good thirty seconds while urinating.

One thing that really bothered me about Manitoba was I never knew how far away I was from anything. We would be driving down a highway, towards a silo in the distance. The earth was so flat that we could see things which were like 20-30 km away. So we'd be driving towards this grain silo, and I'd be like "Oh that grain silo isn't so far away", but as I drove more and more it wouldn't get any bigger. It got really frustrating.

Now in Ontario, usually when you drive towards something it gets bigger as you approach it. So you basically have all these mini goals you reach throughout your trip (Over the hill, past the service station, etc...). Not in Manitoba though.

Aside from that I start my "real" job soon, and so my travels with Benji shall soon end. Jon will likely continue to travel with Benj, and will hopefully take some good footage while I'm gone. I've still got lots to keep my busy though, specifically a few dozen hours of video to capture and review...


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